Victorian Police Perplexed: Furious Neighbours Continue to Shoot-Up Noisy Wind Turbines


The photo above was cooked up a couple of years ago by wind industry stooge, Andrew Bray. The stories below, though, are real enough.

‘Could result in death’: shots fired at Waubra wind turbines
The Courier
Derrick Krusche
27 Sep 2017

Police suspect a long-arm gun such as a rifle was used to shoot turbines at the Waubra Wind Farm northwest of Ballarat recently.

Detectives have launched an investigation after technicians found bullet holes on several of the big structures, which are located on private farms.

The offence could have occurred at any time from late last year before the damage was discovered by renewable energy company Acciona.

There have been six similar incidents since the wind farm opened in 2010.

Detective Senior Sergeant David Hermit said Acciona employees were at risk as they were regularly inside the turbines performing maintenance.

“This kind of reckless behaviour could result in the…

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Germany’s Energiewende ‘Blown’ Away: Mutti Merkel’s Mauling Threatens Doom for Subsidised Wind & Solar


FDP win means an end to the chaos is in sight.

Germany’s love affair with wind turbines and solar panels has clearly turned sour.

During the winter just gone, with a total collapse in wind and solar power  output, Germany had to scramble to keep its lights on using coal-fired power plants, resurrected to deal with a grid on the brink of collapse and nuclear power imported from France.

Rocketing power prices have also taken their toll on the German sense of humour.

As with every community forced to live with these things, Germans are just as hostile: constant exposure to turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound is enough to rattle the resolve of even the most stoic.

And now that the victims realise that the whole thing is an enormous fraud, the political tide has turned.

No longer do vanity signalling Greens hold sway. Now, it’s the Free…

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Does your neighbor ‘really’ have the right to install BigWind next to you? Maybe not…


Thank you, Mr. Pickerill, for a refreshing dose of common sense!  Unfortunately, it will probably take someone willing to spend the $$$ and sue a neighbor- but this is it, this is the foundation of any complaint.  We, as Ohio and American citizens, have a right to live in peace, without the torment of infrasound entering our homes…without the monetary property devaluation…without sleeplessness nights and headaches. How is the encroachment of BigWind in our countryside, a positive for anyone? We know that it raises electricity rates and area taxes, because BigWind distorts the grid and doesn’t pay taxes(see previous blog!).  We know that some people suffer adverse effects. Why would we do this to our neighbors? The BigWind sprawl across America is like a plague, fueled by greed…. 

There has been discussion recently over a possible wind farm in my county. Residents close to the proposed turbine towers are concerned about…

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Imagine Escaping a Hurricane in a Tesla

Watts Up With That?

Image from Tesla’s website

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

First I want to make it clear that I think Tesla responded to Hurricane Irma with exemplary good faith, sacrificing their future profits to send drivers of cheaper Tesla models a free range upgrade, to help them escape Hurricane Irma. But the urgent Florida hurricane evacuation may have inadvertently highlighted an unexpected and potentially catastrophic risk associated with government policies which seek to switch drivers to electric vehicles.

How did Tesla make some of its cars travel further during Hurricane Irma?

The electric-car giant gave customers a lifeline by remotely boosting their vehicles’ battery capacity. But this act of kindness also highlighted that it had been selling identical cars at different prices

Tesla drivers who fled Hurricane Irma last weekend received an unexpected lesson in modern consumer economics along the way. As they sat on choked highways, some of the electric-car…

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Last Man Standing: Nuclear Plants Power Texans During Deluge – Wind Turbines Automatically Shut Down During Hurricane Harvey


Texans have been in the news for all the wrong reasons, over the last week or so.

Hurricane Harvey belted the Texan coast with 130 mph (209 kph) winds and delivered a deluge of biblical proportions.

For some time now, Texas has been the pinup girl for American wind worshippers. With some 21,000 MW of nominal capacity spread over 40 projects, like everything in Texas, wind power is ‘big’.

Except, of course, when the weather turns nasty.

Modern industrial wind turbines do not operate when wind speeds hit around 25 m/s (90kph or 55mph) – Hurricane Harvey dished up a gale double that speed, and more.

In order to prevent their catastrophic disintegration (as seen in the video below) Texas’s turbines downed tools, en masse, (as they are deliberately designed to do) leaving the critical work of providing power to storm battered Texans to its fleet of nuclear power plants.

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Revisiting wind turbine impacts – Erroneous recent calculation highlights need to assess renewable energy sustainability claims

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Paul Driessen


An article I wrote several weeks ago had a couple of stupid math errors. This column attempts to correct them – and take readers on a journey to the futuristic world of 100 percent “clean, green, sustainable, renewable” wind energy. Since the assumptions always guide the analysis, this column lays mine out, crunches the numbers, and concludes that replacing the 2.85 terawatts of electricity generated worldwide in 2016 – while ensuring stored power for just 48 windless hours – would require:

14.4 million 1.8-GW turbines … 570 million acres (30% of the Lower 48 US states) … and 1.4 trillion Tesla 100-kWh lithium-ion battery packs!

Need stored electricity for seven windless days? 50 million turbines, the US-Canadian land mass, and 5 trillion battery packs should do it.

Disagree with this analysis? Wade in with your own. Let’s have a wide-open debate, before renewable energy…

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Is the Gospel No Longer Enough for Black Christians?

Just Thinking...for Myself

Located on one of the most historic streets in the United States, particularly for black Americans, Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta, stands the venerable Big Bethel AME Church.

“Big Bethel”, as it is affectionately and reverently known, was founded in 1847, the same year educator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass began publishing his anti-slavery newspaper The North Star, and the slave Dred Scott filed a lawsuit in St. Louis Circuit Court claiming his temporary residence in a free territory should have made him a free man.

It didn’t.

But, I digress.

For all its notoriety as the oldest predominantly black congregation in Atlanta, Big Bethel is equally renown, if not more so, for a simple two-word message which, for nearly a century, has stood conspicuously affixed atop the church steeple against the backdrop of an ever-expanding Atlanta skyline.

It reads: Jesus Saves.

The message that “Jesus Saves” has been

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