More Wind Turbine Self-Incinerations & 10 Tonne Blade Throws


For something that the wind industry keeps telling us is as rare as hen’s teeth, the unshackling of 10 tonne blades (euphemistically called ‘component liberation’), the total collapse of 200-300 tonne turbines and the spontaneous combustion of turbine generators (and the 1,000 litres of highly toxic gear and hydraulic oil that slosh around inside the nacelle) keep on occurring with frightening regularity: More Wind Turbine Collapses: So Common You’d Think ‘Enemy’ Forces Were Involved and BUSHFIRE RED ALERT: Wind Power Really Is Setting the World on FIRE

Here’s a couple more hen’s teeth for those who haven’t already lost count.

Blade breaks off wind turbine east of Enid
Enid News
Ryan Miller
1 June 2017

The blade broke off the turbine sometime Wednesday night, but the cause still is under investigation, McIntyre said. The investigation could take several weeks or months to resolve.

“(We will) need to go through and assess the…

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The Empire Strikes Out

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

I guess having electricity when you need it is sooooo last century … UK families will have to get used to “only using power when it was available”. That constant electricity at home was dangerous anyhow, the unending hum of the wires can drive a man so insane that the only way to cure him is to make him head of the National Grid …

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Greens Founder Calls Germany’s Renewables Policy: “an Economic, Social and Ecological Disaster”


When people turn on wind power, it’s a one-way proposition: they never, ever worship these things again.

And when the convert was among those who first championed the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, they don’t just quietly fall out of love, they tend to become the loudest critics of all; a bit like reformed smokers berating their old smoking buddies for lighting up.

One character who fits that mould is co-founder of the German Greens, Otto Georg Schily; who has just joined the growing throngs of Germans who now recognise the country’s maniacal obsession with massively subsidised wind and solar power as “an economic, social and ecological disaster”.

Germany’s Energiewende “An Economic, Social and Ecological Disaster”, Writes Top German Socialist!
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
19 May 2017

In a referendum slated for this coming Sunday, Swiss citizens are being called to vote on a national energy strategy…

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The craziest reactions to Trump pulling out of the #ParisAgreement

Watts Up With That?

Heads are exploding today, get popcorn. Here are some of the best emotionaly based reactions from the climate alarmist squad.

Here’s billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer saying it’s a “traitorous act of war”. Yeah, right.

“Scientific” American thinks the future is dead trees, everywhere:

Neil Degrasse-Tyson thinks Trump is just too stupid.

So does Carbon Brief Editor Leo…

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Windfarms & Whale Beachings

World Council for Nature

The Times: wind turbines may have caused the death of 3 whales

May 22 2017

Click on picture to enlarge and read the text

Over a year ago WCFN published an article where we suggested that the beaching of 17 sperm whales – a toll that finally reached 29 – had been caused by offshore wind turbines, numerous in the southern part of the North Sea where the tragedy happened: 17 sperm whales stranded on beaches in a vast offshore windfarm zone

Above: 2 of the 29 sperm whales beached in the 2016 event

None of the media, and the experts interviewed at the time, even named wind turbine low-frequency noise and vibrations as possible causes. But it would appear that experts are now thinking these wind machines may be the cause, says the Times. Progress at last!

But how many more years will have to pass before governments, and the…

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Wind Turbines Provide Zero% of Global Energy: Despite $Billions Squandered on Subsidies


Subsidising wind power: throwing money into a bottomless pit …


Matt Ridley defines pragmatism and common sense. If – as the wind cult constantly exhorts us – generating power without generating CO2 emissions is the object, then wind power offers no solution. Matt correctly points out the path to CO2 reductions in the power sector involves gas, for now, and investing in an atomic future.

That conclusion rests on the simple fact that, despite hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars being thrown at wind power generation capacity, the combined total global output is risibly trivial. Using 2014 figures, to the nearest whole number, wind power provided ZERO% of the world’s energy consumption.

Here’s Matt’s latest effort (with a few pics added by STT).

Wind turbines are neither clean nor green and they provide zero global energy
The Spectator
Matt Ridley
13 May 2017

We urgently need to stop the…

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