Germany’s Wind Power Debacle: Economic Destruction on an “Astronomical Scale”


turbine-collapse-germany1 Not just capable of self-destruction – guilty of much wider havoc.


STT keeps a close eye on Germany. It’s held up by eco-fascist nut jobs around the globe as the wind power “Super Model” – although, as we pointed out in this recent post, their “pin-up girl” is looking a little worse for wear:

Germany’s Wind Power ‘Dream’ Becomes a Living Nightmare

Last week – with the announcement that South Australians can look forward to skyrocketing power prices with the closure of its cheapest conventional generation source, the Port Augusta power station – we made it pretty clear that wind power is nothing but fantastic nonsense:

SA – Australia’s ‘Wind Power Capital’ – Pays the Highest Power Prices in the World and Wonders Why it’s an Economic Basket Case

South Australians are well down the track to an economic disaster – with its unemployment rate of 7.6% (and rising…

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