Wind Power: How We Got Here (by John Droz Jr.)

Quixotes Last Stand

From John’s site:   Wind Power Facts

I saw an article in Mother Earth News that was shamelessly supporting wind power (a topic I know something about), so I contacted the writer. My question to him was: what scientificinformation do you have that proves that wind power does what it is supposed to do?

After several amusingly evasive correspondences, he finally conceded that he had none. In a desperate attempt to defend this untenable position he then said that no proof was needed!

In exploring this unexpected line of thought with this reportedly knowledgeable individual, it became quite clear to me that he did not have a big-picture concept of what is going on here.

But since this deficiency is clearly shared by many other people, let’s do a quick review as to how we have arrived at our current electrical energy predicament…

The first practical use of electricity…

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