Wind Power Subsidies Crushing Families & Killing Thousands of Real Jobs


spain unemployment Want to know about wind industry employment? Why not ask a Spaniard? Fully 26% of them will have plenty of time to attend to your inquiry.


The wind industry’s fortunes are waning all over the globe.

As politicians face the wrath of furious voters lumbered with the ludicrous costs of backing an entirely meaningless power generation source – subsidies are being slashed; investors are grabbing their money on the way out, before the whole Ponzi scheme inevitably collapses; and wind power outfits are struggling to simply stay afloat.

Being hammered by legislators keen to bring the rort to an end, the last redoubt for the wind industry’s parasites are claims that it can defy every last rule and principle of economics; and increase employment in an economy where a key input cost – ie electricity – is being driven through the roof, by ludicrous and wholly unnecessary producer subsidy…

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