David Cameron Terminates UK’s Wind Industry: Subsidies to be Completely Scrapped


SWITZERLAND-WEF-DAVOS-CAMERON The Terminator takes on a new form.


David Cameron won an election promising to scrap wind power subsidies; and plans to follow through – with terminal results for the wind industry in Britain.

UK Pledges To Ax Green Energy Subsidies
Daily Caller
Andrew Follett
15 October 2015

The United Kingdom is pledging to end all green energy subsidies by the mid-2020s.

“By the mid-2020s, we would like to see the government retreat as much as is possible from [renewable energy] subsidies, the current administration is aiming to be more discriminating about the types of low-carbon technology it wishes to support,” Stephen Lovegrove, the permanent secretary of Britain’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, said at an event Tuesday hosted by Columbia University.

Lovegrove said subsidies should end because “there is a cost being imposed on consumers which distorts the U.K.’s competitiveness and the [British] pound in people’s pockets when they get home.” Lovegrove is…

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