Friday Funny – Paul Ehrlich’s review of Steyn’s book on Michael Mann’s work

Watts Up With That?

Paul Ehrlich (yes THAT Paul Ehrlich) recently posted a review about Mark Steyn’s book A Disgrace to the Profession on Amazon, and after reading Ehrlich’s review, my irony meter pegged, the needle flew off the scale and embedded itself in the wall of my office, nearly missing our resident member of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

You just have to read it, apparently Mr. Ehrlich has no self awareness whatsoever when it comes to evaluating his own massive folly in predicting the future. Here is the screencap:


That is rich. Steyn compiled the critical opinions of dozens of scientists about Mann’s work on The Hockey Stick, and yet Ehrlich, says things like this:

“Mike Mann is admired by all real climate scientists, even those who may have same disagreements with him…”

Well, perhaps he’s right, I assume everybody at his own echo chamber website Real Climatedoes

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