Nebraskans Join the Battle to Kill Big Wind: Defenders Fight to Save their Homes & Health from Ludicrous Wind Farm Rules


no wind turbines

Citing health concerns, Lancaster County readies new rules on wind turbines
Paul Hammel
1 November 2015

LINCOLN — Fifteen years ago, Cindy Chapman and her husband moved to an acreage south of this city in search of their peaceful slice of the countryside.

“We decided we wanted to get back to the life we had as kids, with a big yard and big gardens, enjoying the birds and beautiful sunset,” said Chapman, who grew up on a farm near Geneva, Nebraska.

But when a German-based corporation announced plans last year to erect 54 wind turbines near the couple’s 6-acre plot, Chapman turned into an activist, digging into the available reports on the economic and health impacts of wind farms.

Now, a group she formed, Stop Hallam Wind, is poised to win tough, new restrictions on wind farms in Nebraska’s second-largest county. Wind energy advocates say those restrictions would not…

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