It’s a Fraud: The Wind Industry’s ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics’ Exposed



American Pensmith, Mark Twain’s quip about there being “three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” fits neatly with the propaganda pedalled by the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers.

This dissection of what America’s Wind Energy Association dishes up on a daily basis is as good as it gets, in tearing away wind industry spin to expose what is simply the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time. Pop the kettle on, prepare your favourite brew, sit back and enjoy!

Big Wind’s Big Spin
Lisa Linowes
Master Resource
20 April 2016

The American Wind Energy Association (‘AWEA’) claims big wind had a spectacular 2015, but we looked past the slick advertising and found the same AWEA rhetoric with extra pixie dust applied.

According to the American Wind Energy Association (“AWEA”) big wind had a spectacular 2015.

Jobs were up 20%, emissions down, more wind megawatts were installed…

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