Friday funny – An update on ‘Subsidy Sam’

Watts Up With That?

SubsidySambook_smJosh writes: You may remember a Friday funny post back in April about “Subsidy Sam” a story written by Lyndsey Ward which got a good amount of news coverage at the time.

We have now turned it into a book with more cartoons and the PDF is free to download via the Cartoons by Josh website.

Please share the story as widely as possible and, if you can, please donate something so we can complete a second story, aimed much more for children, called ‘Timmy the Tiny Turbine’. As Lyndsey explains

‘Subsidy Sam’ was written as a satire and to poke fun at the wind industry and the politicians who support it and parrot their propaganda with no real research into the adverse impacts. It was not intended for children at all. ‘Timmy The Tiny Turbine’ has been written for children and is completely different with a moral message and a happy ending. We all love…

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