Wind Industry Claims Another Ag-Pilot: Minnesota Crop-Duster Killed in Action


plane and turbines

Is there anything to say in favour of these things?

Not only insanely expensive and utterly pointless at every level, they pose a mortal danger to both man and beast.

In the 20 years or so since they’ve spun into heavily subsidised ‘action’, the wind industry’s has managed to clock up a fairly sizeable death count: running at over 160 (so far), which includes 4 killed (pilot and passengers) when a light plane slammed into a turbine in foggy conditions in South Dakota in April 2014.

Ag Pilots – the dare-devils that duck and weave across paddocks to spray crops – are an essential part of modern agriculture. They run plenty of necessary risks, but that posed by an intermittent, heavily subsidised, weather dependent power source is wholly unnecessary; and shouldn’t be one of them.

The risks posed don’t just include 290 tonne, 160m high whirling wonders, but also…

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