Americans Count the Insane Costs of Trying to Run On Wind Power


europe power prices 2

Americans enjoy the cheapest electricity in the World – thanks to ultra-cheap gas, plenty of nuclear power and a fair share of hydro among their power mix.

However, how long its natural advantage over countries who have tied their hopes on the Wind Gods lasts, depends entirely on how soon it can pull the rug on the massive subsidies for wind power: cut the subsidies and wind power investment shrivels like the Wicked Witch of the West being sloshed with a bucket of water.

Americans are now starting to work out that the wind itself might be ‘free’, but that trying to run an economy on it comes with a cost so insane that it can’t really be measured.

Connie Krapp: At What Cost Wind and Not Coal?
Connie Krapp
25 July 2016

Last week, Great River Energy announced it will shut down its coal-based Stanton Station power plant.

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