Wind Power – Guaranteed to Double Power Prices & Destroy Once Reliable Grids



The one thing that South Australia’s vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill and his hapless sidekick, Tom Koutsantonis can never complain about from here on is a lack of attention.

South Australia’s internationally renowned power pricing and supply calamity is driven by a maniacal obsession with wind power.

The circumstances that led to the events on 28 September (aka Black Wednesday) – when the majority of South Australia’s 18 wind farms deliberately shut themselves down – to protect themselves from catastrophic damage during a typical, blustery spring storm – and the immediate loss of 445MW of wind power caused the worst blackout in South Australian history – are being dissected by energy market economists around the globe.

True, it is, that South Australia isn’t being held up as a shining example of a ‘wonderful’ wind powered future, but is, rather, being used as a dire warning to any other state or nation…

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