Industrial Wind: The Great American S-WIND-LE: Not Clean, Not Green, Not Free!


Industrial Wind: The Great American S-WIND-LE:  Not Clean, Not Green, Not Free!  

~ Industrial Wind turbines are being sold under the pretense that they will significantly reduce CO2 emissions, and thereby help avoid Global Warming. Yet, 30 years into subsidizing the building of wind factories off the backs of taxpayers and ratepayers has proven otherwise.

~ Due to the unreliable, erratic, and volatile nature of wind, industrial wind turbines provide virtually NO Capacity Value, or firm capacity (specified amounts of power on demand).  Therefore, wind needs constant “shadow capacity” from our reliable, dispatchable generators – that is, if you want to be sure the lights will come on when you flick the switch.  Thus, as Big Wind CEO, Patrick Jenevein candidly admitted,  “Consumers end up paying twice for the same product.”

~ With approximately 250,000 industrial wind turbines installed worldwide today (45,100 turbines totaling over…

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