Never Ending Story: Texans Forced to Shell Out $Billions More in Wind Power Subsidies


One thing you’ll never, ever hear from wind power outfits is a call to cut the subsidies that sustain them.

Remarkably, whether in Germany, Australia, Ontario or Texas, renewables rent seekers all speak the same language.

When talk turns to subsidies, you’ll only ever hear words like ‘more’. Challenge them about their nonsensical claims that wind power is cheap and truly competitive with coal and gas, they’ll start pleading about not doing away with subsidies, ‘just yet’.

Some cynics might suggest a needy form of addiction. STT likens it to the Never Ending Story.

Wind power outfits speared thousands of turbines across the Texas Panhandle. Now they want taxpayers to foot the bill for building the infrastructure that might enable them to deliver wind power to consumers, on those occasions when the wind is blowing just right, and not too fast (wind power doesn’t deliver during Texan Hurricanes, but…

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