US Wind Power Outfit Busted for ‘Mining’ Native American Land in Oklahoma


A mine by any other name is still a mine.

Riding roughshod over the rights of indigenous peoples and desecrating their sacred land is all in a day’s work for the wind industry.

At places like the Bald Hills (in Gippsland, Victoria) and at Cape Bridgewater (in western, Victoria) wind turbine construction resulted in the desecration of sacred Aboriginal burial grounds: Bad Blood: Fatal Brawl Follows Pacific Hydro’s Desecration of Aboriginal Sacred Burial Site at Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm

In Mexico, wind power outfits have treated locals with the same kind of contempt, crushing human rights with absolute impunity: Mexican Wind Farm Madness: Wind Industry Crime & Corruption Crush an Ancient Culture

Danish wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas has blood on its hands, too; smashing Kenyan farmers resisting the outright theft of their land or, as they might call it, engaging in firm and effective “community consultation”: Africa’s Wind Power Scandal:…

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