US Wind Power Fraud: It’s Coal, Gas & Nuclear That Powers the Land of the Free


America’s resurgent prosperity is partly the product of its recent shale oil and gas revolution.

From sea to shining sea, the US is awash with cheap gas; adding to its already abundant supplies of coal.

With electricity prices around one third the cost paid in wind and solar obsessed Australia, anyone promoting that pair in the Land of the Free might be regarded with acute suspicion.

In this first piece, Robert Bryce singles out New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo as public enemy, number one. For reasons that soon become apparent.

Andrew Cuomo’s wind farm won’t fly without fracking
The Wall Street Journal
Robert Bryce
18 May 2018

New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo led the cheer squad last month when the Interior Department announced it would begin allowing offshore wind turbines to be built in the shallow waters between New Jersey and Long Island. Mr. Cuomo had recently announced a…

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