Britain’s Economic Nightmare Unfolds: Wind Power Costs Killing Thousands of REAL Jobs


Bill Bill Shorten: the workers’ worst nightmare.


A few posts back we focused on the naked malice of Labor’s Bill Shorten – as he derided Joanne Kermond on national television. Joanne is among the many victims of Pacific Hydro’s non-compliant Cape Bridgewater disaster – an outfit owned by Bill’s Labor/Union buddies, which has been defrauding the Commonwealth for nearly 7 years:

Labor’s Bill Shorten Publicly Ridicules Joanne Kermond – a Victim of Pacific Hydro’s Non-Compliant Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm

Pacific Hydro & Acciona’s Acoustic ‘Consultant’ Fakes ‘Compliance’ Reports for Non-Compliant Wind Farms

But, apart from meting out malice and contempt for law-abiding Citizens being denied their common law and human rights, Bill Shorten is also hell-bent on destroying every energy intensive business left in this Country: think mining, mineral processing and manufacturing for a start.

Make no mistake, with its 50% Renewable Energy Target, Labor is determined to kill mining…

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Wind Farms: Trigger ‘OUTRAGE’ When Proposed & ‘REJOICING’ When Scrapped


john anderson Wheatley Energy Forum’s John Anderson and Dave Langmead can hardly disguise their justifiable glee as wind farm plan scrapped.


Rural communities across the Globe are fighting back against an industry with all the natural respect for property rights of Genghis Khan; and the moral fibre of Judas Iscariot.

These days, whenever a wind farm is proposed; or the developer is out in the field – literally ‘thumping’ its message home (see our post here) – the term most employed to cover the community’s response is ‘OUTRAGE’.

However, occupying the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, is the infectious, fun-filled term: ‘REJOICE’ – which is the only word powerful enough to capture the sense of victory and relief, for those who have spent thousands of relentless, unpaid hours dedicated to the defence of their communities, their homes, their farms, their businesses and their families.

Here’s an example of the…

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David Cameron Terminates UK’s Wind Industry: Subsidies to be Completely Scrapped


SWITZERLAND-WEF-DAVOS-CAMERON The Terminator takes on a new form.


David Cameron won an election promising to scrap wind power subsidies; and plans to follow through – with terminal results for the wind industry in Britain.

UK Pledges To Ax Green Energy Subsidies
Daily Caller
Andrew Follett
15 October 2015

The United Kingdom is pledging to end all green energy subsidies by the mid-2020s.

“By the mid-2020s, we would like to see the government retreat as much as is possible from [renewable energy] subsidies, the current administration is aiming to be more discriminating about the types of low-carbon technology it wishes to support,” Stephen Lovegrove, the permanent secretary of Britain’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, said at an event Tuesday hosted by Columbia University.

Lovegrove said subsidies should end because “there is a cost being imposed on consumers which distorts the U.K.’s competitiveness and the [British] pound in people’s pockets when they get home.” Lovegrove is…

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Lord Monckton Dissects the Great Wind Power Fraud


surgeon-with-scalpel-page1 For the wind industry, economics is the unkindest cut of all.


Lord Christopher Monckton has been giving the global warming catastrophe-cult grief for years, with a mix of our good friends ‘logic’ and ‘reason’; and a side helping of facts and numbers.

Now, his Lordship turns fire on the wind industry’s claims about ‘saving’ the planet in this fact-packed video dissection of the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time (click on the image below, and click again on the video play button, after that).


monckton Lord Christopher Monckton presents at the IdeaCity Conference


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Wind Power Subsidies Crushing Families & Killing Thousands of Real Jobs


spain unemployment Want to know about wind industry employment? Why not ask a Spaniard? Fully 26% of them will have plenty of time to attend to your inquiry.


The wind industry’s fortunes are waning all over the globe.

As politicians face the wrath of furious voters lumbered with the ludicrous costs of backing an entirely meaningless power generation source – subsidies are being slashed; investors are grabbing their money on the way out, before the whole Ponzi scheme inevitably collapses; and wind power outfits are struggling to simply stay afloat.

Being hammered by legislators keen to bring the rort to an end, the last redoubt for the wind industry’s parasites are claims that it can defy every last rule and principle of economics; and increase employment in an economy where a key input cost – ie electricity – is being driven through the roof, by ludicrous and wholly unnecessary producer subsidy…

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US Wind Power Backlash: Ohioans Fight for Fundamental Rights to Hold and Enjoy Property


lake winds Ohio says: NOT IN ANYONE’S BACKYARD.


The backlash against the great wind power fraud continues, apace. Here’s another tale of well-organised and well-informed community defenders in action; setting out to prevent yet another economic and environmental disaster that – in their prescient words:

would ruin our tranquil rural community and deprive us of our fundamental rights to hold and enjoy property“.

Greenwich Neighbors United Applauds Ohio’s decision to PAUSE BigWind
3 October 2015

Ohio protest


Greenwich Neighbors United (GNU), a group of property owners who joined together to coordinate efforts to voice concerns about a proposed industrial-sized wind turbine park in Huron County, applauds the report of the Energy Mandate Study Committee which recommends that there be no further escalation in the mandates until the impact of federal requirements are better understood. GNU had submitted a letter to the…

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Wind Power: How We Got Here (by John Droz Jr.)

Quixotes Last Stand

From John’s site:   Wind Power Facts

I saw an article in Mother Earth News that was shamelessly supporting wind power (a topic I know something about), so I contacted the writer. My question to him was: what scientificinformation do you have that proves that wind power does what it is supposed to do?

After several amusingly evasive correspondences, he finally conceded that he had none. In a desperate attempt to defend this untenable position he then said that no proof was needed!

In exploring this unexpected line of thought with this reportedly knowledgeable individual, it became quite clear to me that he did not have a big-picture concept of what is going on here.

But since this deficiency is clearly shared by many other people, let’s do a quick review as to how we have arrived at our current electrical energy predicament…

The first practical use of electricity…

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