Scots Rejoice as Highland Fan Plan Canned & Wind Power Jobs Myth Exposed


highland fling In the Highlands, it’s time for another wee Victory dance.


The Scots have been set upon by particularly rabid strain of wind weasel:

Got ‘Mercenary Sociopath’ on your CV? Then why not join the Wind Turbine ‘Taliban’

The wind power outfits that have set out to destroy Scotland are peopled by the usual type of bullies and thugs – that are quick to send in the muscle, in efforts to generate ‘community support’ for these things:

Scots Fight-back as Wind Power Outfit Aims to Thump its ‘Community Message’ Home

Faced with a brand of ‘corporate social responsibility’ that would have done the GDR’s Stasi proud, many might have given up and retreated to lick their wounds. But, the Scots are a tenacious bunch, who never say die:

Subsidies Scrapped: Scots Rejoice at Wind Industry’s Demise – Time for a Wee Highland Fling

And now – through their undying efforts…

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US Wind Power Spruikers – AWEA – Caught Lying About Wind Power Costs




The wind industry was built on lies, half-truths and critical omissions – and it prays on misconception, ignorance and downright stupidity.

The standard tactics are to go on the offensive, with well-oiled spin from the wind industry’s “play-book”. However, as time marches on, the myths and lies are being called for what they are.

The result has the wind industry’s spruikers floundering around with nonsensical and nasty attacks: attacks not just against the opinions and the conclusions of those who challenge the fraud; and personal attacks on those that express them – but – most desperately of all – they’ve been reduced to lying about the black-and-white facts upon which those opinions and conclusions are based.

This insidious feature of the wind industry – and the parasites that dine at its table – is no more evident in their efforts to downplay the insane costs of seeking to rely…

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European Renewable Energy performance for 2014 falls far short of claims

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Ed Hoskins

Summary: By 2014 European Union countries had invested approximately €1 trillion, €1000,000,000,000, in large scale Renewable Energy installations.

This has provided a nameplate electrical generating capacity of about 216 Gigawatts, nominally about ~22% of the total European generation needs of about 1000 Gigawatts.

The actual measured output by 2014 from data supplied by the Renewables Industry has been 38 Gigawatts or 3.8% of Europe’s electricity requirement, at a capacity factor of ~18% overall.

However Renewable Energy production is dependent on the seasons, local weather conditions and the rotation of the earth, day and night.

So the Renewable Energy contribution to the electricity supply grid is inevitably erratic, intermittent and non-dispatchable.  It is therefore much less useful than dispatchable sources of electricity, which can be engaged whenever necessary to match demand and maintain grid stability.  That 3.8% Renewable Energy contribution to the grid is often not available when needed and obversely its…

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UK’s Wind Power Debacle Deepens: Widespread Winter Blackouts Forecast



The lunatics that push wind power are being forced to face up to the fact that it is – and will always be – meaningless as a power generation source. Which to the sane and rational is no surprise: a ‘system’ that relies on the vagaries of the weather isn’t a ‘system’ – it’s ‘chaos’. Here’s a tale from Britain on just where that chaos is heading.

Britain could face blackouts if the wind doesn’t blow
Emily Gosden
17 July 2015
The Telegraph

National Grid proposes bringing in emergency measures to bolster electricity supplies as new analysis shows power crunch worsening

Britain could face blackouts if the wind doesn’t blow in winter 2016-17, unless emergency measures are brought in to bolster electricity supplies, official analysis suggests.

Output from Britain’s power plants would not be enough to meet peak demand if there was “low wind” meaning the thousands of wind…

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Legislation to Study Health Impacts of Wind Turbines

Wind Wise ~ Massachusetts

Map shows the public health disaster wind turbines have created in MA The map shows the public health disaster of wind turbines, where documented complaints have followed in the wake of turbine deployment.

Wind Wise Massachusetts Press Release:

BOSTON – Legislation designed to study the health impact of wind turbines will be presented at the State House on Tuesday (July 28, 2015).

Citizens concerned about the health impacts of wind turbines and those experiencing adverse health impacts who live near wind turbines are expected to testify before the Joint Committee on Public Health at the public hearing. The bill is H2032: Resolve to establish a commission to study the health impacts from wind turbines to protect the health of the citizens of the commonwealth. The hearing will take place on Tuesday, July 28th at 1:00 pm in Room B2 of the State House in Boston.

“There are hundreds of families throughout the state in over 21 wind turbine locations that we…

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Scots Go on the Offensive: Wind Power Outfits to be Sued & Wind Farms Shut Down Using Independent Noise Data


brave_shield3 “For sudden the worst turns the best to the brave”


As we pointed out in this recent post, the Scots are a tenacious bunch of lads and lassies:

Subsidies Scrapped: Scots Rejoice at Wind Industry’s Demise – Time for a Wee Highland Fling

Delighted with David Cameron’s win – which heralds the demise of the wind industry in the UK – Highlanders have turned their claymores on the calamity presently existing.

Thousands of bat-chomping, bird slicing, blade-chucking, pyrotechnic, sonic-torture devices have been speared across Scotland – destroying the ability of Scots to live in, use and otherwise enjoy their humble homes. Now, Scots are all set to turn the tables on their wind weasel tormentors – their weapon of choice: noise numbers.

Here’s a wee report from The Press and Journal on the Scots’ latest, and final, offensive.

Noise data new weapon in war on windfarms

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