Trump’s War on Wind Power: Access to Cheap & Reliable Power an Economic Fundamental



If the election of Donald Trump holds any lesson at all, it’s that energy costs and the security of its supply determine the economic and social health of any Nation, and ignoring that fact – by zealously pushing policies to the contrary – will end in tears for those foolish and arrogant enough to believe that sunshine and breezes can provide secure, reliable and affordable power.

Here’s The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan setting up a primer for ‘Energy 101’, the essential pre-requisite for any modern political leader.

All power to energy security:  Australia could learn from Trump
The Australian
Dennis Shanahan
26 November 2016

When US president-elect Donald Trump listed his six top priorities for executive action this week on “day one” of becoming the most powerful man in the world, naturally most attention was grabbed by his very first decision: withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Yet in global…

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